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Welcome To Easy Drivers - North Devon Driving Instructor

Simon Barker has been a driving instructor for the past 6 year in North Devon.

I have been teaching in a variety of ways for many years. From training animals for the entertainment industry in Hollywood to teaching scuba diving in a variety of locations worldwide, I have certainly encountered many eventualities. With all my teaching experience I have learnt that the most important thing in training and learning is to have patience. Certainly have a lot of that after the many hours I spent training a whole variety of animals for Hollywood films and shows.

I have been a driving instructor in North Devon for over 6 years. I initially trained with the AA and I have been self employed for the past 5 years. I have helped many people from North Devon to learn to drive and pass there test. For more information on the Audi A1 Sport I offer my students to learn to drive in click here.

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