Easy Driver Testimonials

Easy Drivers Testimonials

A selection of testimonials from my happy customers

Beau Bromham

Georgeham, North Devon.

"So it wasn't easy for me to start with, college, surfing contests, travelling; it felt like I was never going to have the time to pass my test and I needed to so bad! The first instructor I had wouldn't let me out of second gear or beyond a dead straight road for four lessons, the term taking me for a ride would seem quite appropriate here! It put me off for a while and I had a few more lessons here & there. Then a few of my friends said about Simon, they all had passed first time, so I decided to give him a call. Easy to get on with straight away and I was ready to take my test in no time. Cheers Si, legend!"

Claudia Baddick

Braunton, North Devon.

"Simon/Easy Drivers has to be the coolest, most chilled out company to learn to drive with. I never felt worried about first getting into a car because right from the word go, Simon gave me the confidence. Great, fun guy to learn to drive with and good taste in music too, so what else could anyone want?!"

Conner Devine

Barnstaple, North Devon.

"I had a great time learning with Simon, good fun but serious when needs to be. I think I'm a better driver than both my sisters and that's all thanks to Simon. He's a great guy, easy to get on with and explains everything clearly and concisely. He has great props which help you understand what needs to be done and also an awesome car. I'd fully recommend Simon and Easy Drivers to anyone."

Ben Woodward

Braunton, North Devon.

"I was recommended to Simon by a couple of friends who said he was genuinely a nice guy. I found this to be more than true and also discovered he was a really good teacher. Simon's great temperament for my bad driving and a good sense of humour meant I really enjoyed my time behind the wheel and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive easy!"

Charlotte Vale

Wrafton, North Devon.

"Simon is friendly, easy to get on with, patient and made me feel at ease so I could focus on the positives rather than my terrible driving! I enjoyed learning to drive rather than feeling worried about it and that was down to learning with Easy Drivers."